Placement of road shapes in error

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Ok, after going down several dead end alleys (writing a couple of posts and then some days later deleting them) I think I've got to a point where I can describe an actual problem. I need to start w/ my latest tsection data:

TrackShape ( 25528 Filename ( MR_All_n1B_21x025m.s )
NumPaths ( 2 )
SectionIdx ( 1 -1.6764 0.314 0 0 36709 )
SectionIdx ( 1 1.6764 0.314 0 0 36709 )
RoadShape ( )

I was advised to move the value 0.314 from the 5th position to the 3rd. This correctly specifies the path that will be used for carspawners is 0.314m above the origin point of the shape.

The problem I'm reporting here is this: Placing the first shape for a road seems to use the shapes xyz origin point to place the model on the ground, as it should. The second shape appears to be using the xyz of the path as-if that is the origin point which, in this case, results in the second shape having the road surface 0.314m under ground and as such there is no union with the existing shape to form the road. No amount of moving around will achieve the proper joint.

Can this be fixed?

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