Alternative to Google maps API

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Hello can any one can help me in creating Mapbox API key
I am From India And I am covering Southern Part of India.
Somebody please guide with entire Step.
Thank you.

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Landlord,Now the key cannot be used.Is there any other way to import a map? thankyou。

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The problem of importing images from the Mapbox API has been solved by Kapitaen13 from the forum

code to add in the settings.txt file

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 imageMapsUrl ={lon},{lat},16/{res}x{res}?access_token=Your key API Mapbox
thanks to him for finding this trick and sharing it

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Error message
Legacy Static Image requests are no longer supported. To continue making Static Image requests, please use the modern Static Images API. See for more information.

Code: Select all{username}/{style_id}/static/{overlay}/{lon},{lat},{zoom},{bearing},{pitch}|{bbox}|{auto}/{width}x{height}{@2x}

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imageMapsUrl ={lon},{lat},{zoom}/{res}x{res}?access_token=+YOUR_MAPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN
The zoom has changed and must be entered manually.
Standard Terrain
Raster Image Z18 =17
Raster Image Z17 =16
Distance Terrain
Raster Image Z18 =13
Raster Image Z17 =12
Example: Standard Terrain Raster Image Z18 =17

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imageMapsUrl ={lon},{lat},17/{res}x{res}?access_token=

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Thanks for the explanation, it works fine.
I apologize for my English of translator

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