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Hello Goku, much appreciated your work and efforts with the TSRE5, keep it up!
I want to ask for a very good feature that is missing at the moment in TSRE5, and to be honest I don't know if it would be something achievable or not, but I'll try. It would be very useful if there will be the possibility to show the wire on the electrified routes.
I know that some route builder prefer to create their own wire by using 3d softwares, but I rather prefer the built-in wire feature of OpenRails as for some routes (and countries) is quite impossibile to create 3d wire from scratch as it means to create 3d for each piece of XTracks rail.

Do you think it would be possible to show the wire in TSRE5? I hope so, as I really need to place the gantry correctly based on how OpenRails manage to place the wire.

Thanks a lot, and best regards!

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I agree this could be useful for scenery placement not only for catenary but also for setting scenery that goes over the railroad such as bridges or power lines.

I currently use my own wire pieces because I think the programmatic wire looks bad on curves and turnouts. Having the wire height rendered would help make sure that straight wire pieces used in curves and turnouts remain close enough to where the pantagraph or trolley poles will travel in game mode.

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for already built a large routes it is difficult to add a trolley using 3D objects. Trolley OR so just enough. It is just necessary to distinguish where the trolley is to be and where it is not to be. To do this, the StaticDetailLevel (2) functions for prohibiting trolley views over wanted tracks. But for orientation, there is a need for a trolley to see in the TSRE5 editor.

Goku, can you please leave in the editor to display a trolley and respect StaticDetailLevel?

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Hi Goku, can you please reply if it is realized from your side to make a feature, which can display a trolley over the track just like it creates code in OpenRails?

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No, there will be no MSTS wire in TSRE displayed.

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