Issue: Open Rails may not show the location of cars to be picked up in the work order (here is a workaround):

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This is a tip for activity creators.

Here is the issue. If TSRE Activity Tools are used to create an action event (pick up wagons), a code is used to identify the siding location. This is a different code than the one used by MSTS Activity Editor. When this activity is run in Open Rails, the work orders do not display the location for the pick up.

Here is a workaround that involves using a text editor to insert the correct code. When performing this edit, ensure that the activity file is not concurrently open in TSRE, or any other program. Open the ".act" file and search for "PickUpWagons". You should see something similar to the sample shown below (you will not see line numbers; these have been inserted in the sample, to allow me to refer to relevant lines):

01 EventCategoryAction (
02 EventTypePickUpWagons ( )
03 ID ( 14 )
04 Activation_Level ( 1 )
05 Name ( Action2 )
06 Wagon_List (
07 UiD ( 2148139008 )
08 SidingItem ( 4294967295 )
09 UiD ( 2148139009 )
10 SidingItem ( 4294967295 )
11 UiD ( 2148139010 )
12 SidingItem ( 4294967295 )
13 )
14 )

In this example, three cars are to be picked up. You need to change the code in the SidingItem in lines 08, 10, and 12.

Here is a way to determine the proper code. Using TSRE Activity Tools, start creating a new action event (drop off cars at location), but select the siding where the pickup is to occur. Then click "Link Selected", and notice the green text which appears in the siding box (for instance, "[457] Miller Quarry 1"). In this example the code you need is "457". Now you can cancel the new action item, close TSRE, and then make these alterations, using a text editor:

08 SidingItem ( 457 )

10 SidingItem ( 457 )

12 SidingItem ( 457 )

After saving your changes, and closing your text editor, get Open Rails running, then start your activity. When you examine the work orders, you should now see the proper siding name displayed in the location column.

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