Mtracks Track Database Alignment Error

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I recently laid a few Mtracks crossovers and noticed the TDB lines on all the No20 and No24 point sections do not line up with their Frog or Xover counterparts. The main route of the TDB gets connected properly, but the diverging route is offset (the problem does not occur with the No15 switch pieces). The shapes match up correctly, but there are 2 blue TDB poles present where the sections meet:
M1tPntNo20Lft-bug.png (1.6 MiB) Viewed 639 times
This does not happen when laying the same track sections in the default MSTS editor.

Currently using TSRE5 v0.7.002 with build 0056 of the global tsection.dat.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there something that TSRE5 does differently when placing/writing track items that could cause this error?

All said, I'm having a wonderful time using the new editor to create routes after a long hiatus, thanks Goku!

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Maybe there is a tsection bug in this shape definition, but MSRE has more tolerance for radius when snapping tracks togeher.
TSRE doesn't allow that huge offsets.

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Not sure if this is just a coincidence, Goku, but most of us who are reporting anomalies in the TDB rendering are using either UK Finescale, Scalerail with yard spacing, or MTracks.

All of those are built on ~4m track centers as opposed to the 5m track centers used by Kuju, XTracks, DBTracks, USTracks, etc.

I agree it's possible that the TDB definitions could be different than the actual shapefile for curved sections, but I'm also seeing some discrepancies happening with straight multi-track sections where there's no curvature to account for.

Could something in the math being used to chain TDB vectors together be influenced by track centers being closer together than 5m?...

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