Overhead Wires

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How would on tackle a electrified route and it has non-electrified portions.
The problem i have is, i see wires on the non-electrified portion and i want to remove those.
Route is already made and i want that portion of the route to not have wires hanging in mid air holding to nothing.

I have never built a rout but i am about to do it. This is probably the last thing i need to know how to deal wit this and i think i am ready to throw myself into making my first route.

Have a good day everyone. :D

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I usualy set the default wire height below ground and use the automaic placement for gantries and wires, where there is electrification.

In the picture below There are a couple of dual track caternary shapes (with wires) on main track, and in the station I have built a large object with the posts and wires.

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