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Dave Nelson
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Perhaps this is already a feature that I have not found... it would be very handy if TSRE could append an entry to a marker file. There are many times I'm somewhere in a route and need to move away (or stop altogether) and I'd like to return to that location later on. Being able to add a marker (and I suppose deleting it when it is no longer needed) would deal with this.

This could be used to note a problem, serve as a general purpose locator (e.g., a particular street intersection or building) as well as "I stopped here".

FWIW, I use several shapes that look like an ordinary pin with a colored sphere at the top as aids to denote certain issues but as ordinary objects I can't get back to them in the future. I think this marker idea would work better... or maybe best in conjunction with placing colored pins at the same spot.

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