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Dave Nelson
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Problem: Selecting track or roads within the boundaries of a large tree area can be difficult... you tend to select the tree instead of the track because it's bounding box is large.
Suggestion: Display only objects whose StaticLevelDetail() value is less than or equal whatever value the user sets. Whenever the value changes update display per the new value. This way whatever objects were blocking the access can be temporarily hidden. Default is 10, range 0-10.

Problem: If multiple editing sessions are recorded in the same log file it's hard to find the end of one / start of another.
Suggestion: Either create a new log file with each session where the name includes some sort of time stamp or insert into the existing log file some strings that say something like *** Begin editing session YYYY/MM/DD/HH/MM ***.

Problem: The world object marker is useful when first laying roads or tracks but if you have to return to an area and rework something there is no t way to know where the placement point end is located.
Suggestion: Dynamically change the color or brightness of the world object marker when its object has been selected so the user knows that object marker is for the selected object.

Problem: The color used for a patch boundary is the same (or almost the same) as the color for the path lines above roads which can suggest there is a road shape just below the terrain.
Suggestion: Change the color of the patch boundary lines so it is unique.

Dave Nelson
Posts: 19
Joined: 24 Dec 2019, 03:38
Problem: Clearing an area of lots of objects is a tedious, one by one task.
Solution: Allow user to drag mouse to select a quad area. Next action (e.g., move, delete) applies to all.

Problem: Some descriptions for objects (ref file) require more space to display completely.
Solution: Make objects window expandable, including the name fields within. It might also be helpful to make it a floating window.

Problem: List of previously selected objects is too short. It is actually better to have the selected object list 1-2x the length of the delectable object list.
Solution: Change the displayed lengths of each list and make each list scroll-able.

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You can adjust length of selected objects list in settings.txt

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