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In MSRE when you want to open the route there is a function to "Rebuild the route database" in additional tools menu. It can help fix the corrupted database of an old route, but in MSRE its not quite good cause it is SO SLOW, not quite stable, often crashes and if the db errors are too hard it can completely destroy the route instead of help. It would be so great to create the same but stable version of "Route database rebuild" function for TSRE! With a help of that we could be able to ressurect many good routes killed by MSRE unstability.
P.S.: Also some other tools that can help find and fix the route database errors would be nice 8-)

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I'm less and less convinced that a total TDB rebuild is necessary with the new AutoFix capability, but it would be nice if there was a way to build a vector, similar to the hack to delete a vector.

I know it isn't as easy as deleting a vector you already have defined, so I'd say it's a "nice to have" vs. a "must have" feature.

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